As the world is battling the COVID 19 pandemic, we at The Retreat at Ngorongoro are fully aware and committed to safety of our team and guests alike. We have introduced a range of measures to ensure that your visit and stay at The Retreat at Ngorongoro remains safe and comfortable. Below is a list of measures we have put in place: –

  1. Our team: Every member of our serving team has been sensitized on the precautions to be taken and the impact of the COVID 19 virus. To this end, every member of our staff serving you will be wearing a mask has had his/her temperature and pulse oximetry done on regular basis. While in the hotel, you will come across our housekeeping staff dressed in PPE, this is aimed at ensuring that your room is safe and hygienically cleaned.
  2. Guests: Entrance to our hotel is only permitted if you are wearing a face mask. In addition to this we have the following equipment in place at every entry point
    • Hygiene station: Right at the entrance we have a functional hand wash system equipped with running water and automatic soap dispenser.
    • Hand Sanitizers: These are located at reception area, Zanzibar lounge, Baobab Restaurant and hallway.
    • Temperature checks: Every guest entering the premises has his/her temperature reading done using a hand-held thermal scanner.

3. Social distancing:

We maintain social distancing protocol and ask our guests to adhere to this procedure for safety and comfort of everyone patronizing our hotel. A sign at the entrance is clearly placed to remind guests of this requirement

Retreat Social distancing sign-1

4. Crisis management: In an event of an unexpected situation, our front office team is trained on necessary precautions to be taken in order to isolate any suspected case of COVID 19.

On behalf of all of us at The Retreat at Ngorongoro, we wish you all a pleasant stay with us!